Mossy Oak Properties of the Heartland Town & Country LLC

Mossy Oak Properties of the Heartland – Town & Country LLC is now the go-to land specialist in Eastern Missouri. With our location just outside a major metropolitan area, the land market is exceptional. From developers and investors, to the weekend warrior looking for their own piece of recreational property without having to drive too far, real estate is in high demand. Our primary goal is to educate potential buyers and sellers on the realistic possibilities for land purchases, professionally facilitate these transactions, and develop lasting relationships in the process. Our agents have been hand selected due to their character, passion, and work ethic. Our marketing strategies have been proven to expose all types of properties – recreational, agricultural, residential, and commercial – to the right buyer. We have local knowledge with a national audience!

Additionally, we now have agents that specialize exclusively in residential sales. These agents were brought on board because of local demand, shared values, and a belief that Mossy Oak Properties does business the right way – putting people first.